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On Rick Zullo’s blog

Rick is an American expat living in Rome. I met him during his stay in Levanto, where we shared a very cool e-bike tours to Cinque Terre and several typical meals and above all some very nice Italian aperitivo on the waterfront.

On his last morning in the area he came to visit me at the Oasi Hotel and had me take part in my very first podcast interview on visiting Levanto and Cinque Terre 🙂

Listen to it and let me know!

On Life’s a Journey

Enrico’s blog is full of reports and travel photographs that have the gift to bring to life places, sensations and feelings even while comfortably sitting at home.

He interview me a few weeks ago, as soon as I got back from Argentina :

On Bassa Velocità (low speed)

This is a special blog talking about “trains, railways, stations, travelers for duty or passion, and everything revolves around them”.

The curious and passionate Enrico interviewed me already twice (for Italian reading people only):