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After years spent in the artistic and production administration of opera houses, I now run a small hotel and I write about travels and Liguria, trying not to lose sight of my own North…

The mix of past and current experiences, various passions and the love for writing explain why some other travelers and tourism professionals occasionally grant me some space on their blogs. I can’t thank them enough.

Therefore, you can also find me on these pages       

On Italian Storytellers

I started my collaboration with this wonderful blog for English speaking people at the beginning of May. The idea is to tell our country, its traditions, recipes, habits… as we live it region by region.

Obviously I write of my beloved Liguria and these are the published posts:

I’ve also written a post on Barbagia, a region of North Sardinia I fell in love with:

On Kiss from the world ®

2015 brought me the gift of a new collaboration that I really love! I started writing for this website made by travelers for travelers, and that I had followed for some time because it is always a great source of inspiration and information. I then have my  “Silvia’s Trips” personal page in it!

On Turisti per Caso magazine

Well, Turisti per Caso is a sort of Italian traveler’s bible 😉

In January they published my article on Southeast Asia. Here is a copy of it (for Italian reading people only):

In July an other article was publishes, about three villages of the Italian Riviera I deeply love:

They also have a website:

On Hostels Clubs

Hostels Clubs is a travel website based on low cost trips 🙂

For them I wrote this post (for Italian reading people only)Dove mangiare e dove dormire low cost a Parigi

On VisitLevanto

VisitLevanto is the tourist website of Levanto, the small waterfront village where I work and live. It has a blog section and recently open a “Tales from Levanto” page collecting my posts 🙂

On Visit Vernazza

The newly born tourism board of Vernazza, in Cinque Terre.

On the Oasi Hotel’s blog

At the beginning of last season I opened a blog section for my Levanto hotel website. It was a challenge for me, but above all a source of great satisfaction. I write mainly about Cinque Terre and of course of Levanto, but also about the neighboring areas, and practical information and advice for future visitors to this part of Liguria that I love so much.

Here are the posts: Hints and curiosity about the Cinque Terre, Levanto and much more

And this is not over 😉