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My posts and public speeches on tourism

I have a deep passion for travel, and I’ve always found it impossible not to be passionate about what stays around it. When I started running my hotel in Levanto, it was natural to begin studying tourism management.

In a few years, I was lucky enough to develop valuable partnerships and, above all, true friendships in this field, and last winter, I began to write for two leading tourism and hotel management Italian websites.

In 2020, I started my adventure with The Data Appeal Company, first in the marketing department, managing social media and tourism-related communications, and now as Product Marketing Manager.

I also run Officina Turistica for them and participate in public events like WTM London, Hospitality Day, Hicon and BTO.

Before 2020

Officina Turistica

Officina Turistica provides companies, associations, consortia and DMO expertise and a broad range of services related to Destination and Hotel Management.

Since October 2015, I have been one of their web content writers, and I’m so proud to have my posts published among those of international tourism experts!

Mind Lab Hotel

Mind Lab Hotel is a company dealing with consulting and training in tourism hospitality. In particular, it specialises in Revenue Management, Social Media Marketing and Brand Reputation.

For them, I wrote these posts (for Italian-reading people only):

Public speeches

In the past years, I have spoken to travellers, tour operators, and destination managers.


  • Join Maremma Online on March 3rd, with Officina Turistica talking about corporate blogging 
  • InLombard1a in Brescia on March 20th, with Explora talking about content marketing
  • Visit Vernazza on March 23rd, talking about customer care and tourism offline marketing
  • In InLombard1a in Varese on May 20th, Explora talked about content marketing
  • InLombard1a in Bergamo on June 8th, with Explora talking about content marketing
  • InLombard1a in Cremona on July 4th, Explora spoke about content marketing


  • Join Maremma Online on March 18th, being invited by Officina Turistica to speak on a panel regarding Food and Wine Tourism 
  • BTO on November 30th and December 1st, once more being invited by Officina Turistica to talk on two different panels: “The Perfect Pitch” for bloggers and “How to cooperate with Bloggers” for DMO, tourism businesses and tourism boards


  • Buy Maremma Online on March 10th and 11th, invited by Officina Turistica to speak on a panel regarding Hotel Social Media Marketing. 
  • Autumn Fair in Cuneo on October 16th, invited by the local administration to talk about bloggers in tourism and brand marketing strategies.
  • Winter School in Viareggio on November 18th, invited by Mind Lab Hotel to speak about Hotel Social Media Marketing. 
  • BTO on December 2nd and 3rd, once more being invited by Officina Turistica to speak on a panel regarding Measuring a blogger in the so-called Toolboxes Advanced section and to take part in a panel regarding intermediation in accommodation (click here for the video of my panel)

Interviews on tourism