The best trips in Africa

Due amiche e Marrakech

Two girlfriends and a long week end in Marrakech

What to do and visit in Marrakech My first beautiful visit to Marrakech, between confidences, mint tea, colorful slippers and embracing atmosphere… In the life of each of us there are important anniversaries, which bind us to special people. My special person is Emilie. Our professional decisions over the years […]

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Ouarzazate e dintorni

Ourrzazate and the Morocco High Atlas

Tour to Ourrzazate and the Morocco High Atlas There are places whose uniqueness inevitably leaves you speechless and make you fantasize and the Kasbah of the High Atlas of Morocco are a perfect example. In about four hours drive from Marrakech, the trip to Ourrzazate is a great classic proposed by all […]

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Relax e shisha

Shisha pipes & chill out

The ultimate guide to smoking shisha pipes Have you ever tried smoking shisha pipes? Well, today I tell you a secret: I collect pipes, opium ones and also more traditional models. I like them since childhood, when in the evening I sat watching my grandfather on his wicker chair in […]

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The hospitality in Morocco is the mint tea

Serving mint tea in Morocco is a ritual In my posts on Morocco I have repeatedly spoken of long negotiations with the merchants of the souks, always strictly sipping the traditional Moroccan mint tea served in small rabat, the tiny decorated glasses. It is a tradition that means hospitality and indicates friendliness […]

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Longing for Africa: my reaction to Kenya…

Longing for Africa, an emotion that numbs A form of nostalgia that gradually settles to the bottom of the soul to hide there and return to the surface when you least expect it. It fills your eyes with tears for a few moments and at the same time reassures you. Longing for […]

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