The best destinations in Asia

Il Giappone dei Samurai, Kanazawa

Samurai itinerary in Japan

A samurai trip to Japan, a different itinerary As I mentioned before telling you about Kakunodate, my travel itinerary in Japan followed as closely as possible the footsteps of the samurai. Inspired by the movies of Kurosawa and the many historical novels read during my teens, I absolutely wanted to see castles […]

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Useful info, tricks and tips for traveling in Southeast Asia

Short guide to Southeast Asia

Tips for traveling in Southeast Asia Asia and especially Southeast Asia are home to smiles and hospitality. I have to admit that I never liked the idea of Asia and I therefore didn’t consider it for years, until reading Terzani’s “A Fortune-Teller Told Me: Earth-bound Travels in the Far East “, a book that […]

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Chiang Mai is a whole world

Visit Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a whole world During my first trip to Thailand in 2009, the only one with my brother, I opted for this itinerary: Chiang Mai Chiang Rai Lampang Kanchanaburi Koh Samui Koh Lanta Chiang Mai, however, is the Thailand that I fell in love with and where I keep […]

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Mini guida di Kakunodate, sulle orme dei samurai

Kakunodate, the little Kyōto of samurai

Quick guide to Kakunodate, on the footsteps of the samurai Kakunodate, the organization of my trip to Japan started with this amazing samurai town. When I decided that this winter travel was going to be a long road trip though Japan I immediately thought of the country I had in mind since […]

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Mini guida di Hakodate

3 days in Hakodate

I’ll start by saying that a single day would be enough to visit Hakodate, but I needed to slow down and relax, and this town in southern Hokkaido was the perfect spot at the perfect moment. It’s 3h30 train from Sapporo and is a port city with a treacherous shape… it looks like an hourglass […]

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Guida agli onsen giapponesi, Nyuto Onsen - © Silvia's Trips

The ultimate guide to the Japanese onsen

What’s an onsen A Japanese onsen is a thermal spring and, due to the exceptional volcanic activity, it seems that in Japan there are thousands of different origins and each with different minerals and thus distinct healing properties, but all pleasantly warm and very frequented by the Japanese. In fact you actually don’t go […]

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Cosa fare a Sapporo, cuore dello Hokkaidō

What to do in Sapporo, heart of Hokkaido

Brief guide to Sapporo My trip to Japan began in Sapporo, in Hokkaido, because I didn’t want to get swallowed up by excessive Tokyo on my arrival. I wanted to relax in order to adapt to Japan smoothly and I therefore chose this large island in the north, snowy, almost uninhabited and ultimately not that Japanese… Yeah, […]

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The Yala National Park, © Silvia's Trips

Safari in Sri Lanka

Safari in Sri Lanka, at the Yala National Park Safari is a swahili word meaning a journey and I wasn’t supposed to take one in the jungle during my trip through Sri Lanka, but I wanted to sleep in a tree house… I know, it might not sound like a very […]

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