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Kenya is a magnificent location famous for thrilling safaris, breathtaking sights, and wildlife unique to this culture-enriched land. This Eastern African country has a population of 52 million people with a landscape that offers towering mountains, massive valleys, coastal paradises, and a savanna biome that stretches for about five million square miles. 

Kenya embraces its glorious history in both culture and cuisine while mixing it with the bustling transformations of modern African life, making it an excellent vacation destination for families who want to get to know Kenya’s wild side. 

Are you wondering what documents are required to make your trip to Kenya possible? You will definitely need a visa. Now, you can obtain an electronic visa without leaving your house. Forget about standing for long hours in front of the diplomatic post. 

The whole online handling process takes up to 72 hours. The only things you need to fill out an online application form are an electronic device and Internet access. Check out the official website for more information about Kenya’s visas.

Safari in Kenya

Mount Kenya National Park

When people think of Africa, they don’t typically picture snowy mountain peaks, but Mount Kenya National Park, a gorgeous snow-capped tourist destination in Kenya. Mount Kenya is the highest peak in the country. 

With bad cell reception, family members have the opportunity to fully enjoy their time spent together instead of being attached to their electronics. The National Park offers tours and sights that your relatives will never forget. 

Karura Forest 

In Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, there is a breathtaking urban forest in the city’s heart. Looking like something out of a fairy tale, this lovely location features lush greenery and gently flowing creeks. 

Karura hiking and biking trails provide a front-row seat to the beauty of the wildlife and vegetation in Nairobi. The Karura Forest is a beautiful place to relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. 

Splash Water World 

No other vacation destination will please the whole family like Splash Water World. This Kenyan waterpark features heart-thumping, action-packed slides, as well as relaxing pool and lounge areas. 

So not only can kids have a good time, but your parents can as well! With family-friendly water attractions designed for both fun and safety, everyone can let loose and have some fun at Splash Water World waterpark. 

Shaba National Reserve

When people typically think of Africa, they picture something like Shaba National Reserve. With a rolling savanna, distant towering mountains, and abundant wildlife, Shaba National Reserve is perfect for a family who wants to take a walk on the wild side. 

Book a family-friendly safari at the Shaba National Reserve, and you’ll find yourself in the presence of elephants, giraffes, zebras, buffalo, and many other wild animals. 

Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru is not only gorgeous with lush green algae-covered shores and bright blue waters, but it is also home to a brightly colored creature that is loved all over the world. Lake Nakuru is the home to flamingos who flock to the lake’s algae. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Lake Nakuru also has a rhino and water buffalo sanctuary, making it quite the location for a family of animal lovers.  

Old Town, Mombasa

Located in Mombasa, Kenya, Old Town represents the melting pot of cultures that came together to make the city what it is today. With hints of Asia, Arabia, Portugal, and Britain, Old Town has gorgeous architecture and an energetic vibe. 

The most bustling tourist attraction here is Fort Jesus, which is a 16th-century fort that represents all the different aspects of Old Town Mombasa culture. 

Lamu Island 

Just off the coast of Kenya, in the Lamu Archipelagos, there is a gorgeous Lamu island. With remnants of an older time, sparkling white sand, aquamarine waters, and beautiful architecture, Lamu Island is a must-go on your travel bucket list. 

There are tourist spots like the Lamu Old Town, Shela Beach, and the ports where fishers are taken out for a deep-sea adventure.  

Shela Beach 

Shela Beach is known for its long, flat beaches, which stretch on for kilometers, covered in smooth, white sand. The beach allows a feeling of comfortable isolation for those looking to get away from it all. Your family can have beach time fun by splashing in the crystal blue waters (make sure to always ask for advice from the locals before diving in!) 

Safari in Kenya

If you’re looking for fun family vacation destinations in sun-drenched Kenya, make sure to check out the family-friendly attractions listed above. 

From thrilling safaris to action-packed water parks, you’re guaranteed to make some memories, and Harambee – “let us all pull together.”  

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