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Hi there, and welcome to my tiny travel blog!

On these digital pages, you’ll read about my solo female travels around the world, hiking trips: horse riding and sailing holidays, yummy world recipes, travel books, and valuable tips.
I travel solo and only share my own experiences, and from time to time, I have some friends sharing their own.
When I work with travel organizations of any kind, I still exclusively write about what I experienced, negative aspects included.

Paris is always a good idea

Midnight in Paris itinerary

The Midnight in Paris visit itinerary

The Paris tourist itinerary proposed by Midnight in Paris is really a great one. A few days ago, I watched the movie repeatedly, and I…
Compleanno a Disneyland Paris

Celebrate your birthday at Disneyland Paris

I often receive requests about celebrating a birthday at Disneyland Paris, about the offers planned on the day of your birthday or that of the…

Horse-riding trips

Horse Riding Holidays

El Rocío, a different Andalusia

El Rocío is different. It's like a small parallel world in the heart of Andalusia and I deeply love it! I actually postponed this post…
My Dude Ranch experience in Tombstone, Arizona
Horse Riding Holidays

My horse riding holiday at the Tombstone Monument Ranch

My Dude Ranch experience in Tombstone Staying in a Dude Ranch in Arizona was a true dream, but not a travel dream, a lifestyle one! The…
Riding with gauchos in northern Argentina
Horse Riding Holidays

Riding with gauchos in northern Argentina, at Sayta Cabalgatas ranch

Argentina, far from being only Buenos Aires and tango, is to be open spaces, herds, and gauchos, and I found all this at the Ranch Sayta Cabalgatas, a…
Horse Riding Holidays

Estancia Las Carreras, a small paradise in Tafí del Valle

This stage of my journey to discover the north of Argentina has been strongly influenced by the desire to stay at Estancia Las Carreras. I stumbled on…

Travel Tips

Packing your carry-on luggage: general packing tips, useful and essential items, and which carry-on bag to use.
Travel tips

Packing your carry-on luggage

After several years of carrying heavy luggage and too many useless clothes, I'm now team carry-on! No matter how long the trip, I've become super…
The introduction of advanced CT scanners at select airports
Travel tips

The introduction of advanced CT scanners at select worldwide airports

Introducing advanced CT scanners at select worldwide airports significantly shifts airport security measures. For many airline passengers, the airport security check is often the most…
Cinque Terre hiking tips
Travel tips

Cinque Terre hiking tips

I have a few passions: horse riding, reading, listening to live music, sailing and hiking. Hiking in Cinque Terre is a special passion 'cause it's…