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Where to find Cyprus’s most beautiful waterfalls?

Cyprus is a beautiful island surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and adorned with white sandy beaches. Hidden within the dramatic landscapes are a collection of blissful waterfalls, some of which are better known and easily accessible, while others wait for more intrepid explorers.

Whether you are exploring the island alone or as a family, finding the most impressive waterfalls is all about knowing where to look. Read on to discover where to set your sights.

Photo by Simon Kuznetsov on Unsplash


The Troodos mountains cover one-fourth of the island landscape. They are full of spectacular viewpoints, stunning terrain and hidden oases, including the following waterfalls that you do not want to miss:

Caledonia Waterfalls

Head to the village of Platres to find the beautiful Caledonia Waterfalls, where the calm waters cascade down from over 12 metres high into a shallow rocky pool.

This natural wonder can be discovered at the end of a 1.4 km nature trail, which winds alongside and over the river through picturesque woodland. For families with young children or those who are less able, there is a shortcut where you can park your car and walk for around 20 minutes to the waterfall.

Millomeris Waterfall

Likely to be less busy than Caledonia, the Millomeris Waterfall is a lovely place to relax with a little more privacy.

The cool water flows in a single stream from an impressive 15 metres, straight from the mountain springs into a small lake. Whilst you can park quite close to the fall, around 200 metres away, you do have to climb down some narrow steps in the rocks to reach the pool. 

Chantara Waterfall 

This breathtaking waterfall tumbles down multiple levels through a vibrant garden of pines, lavender, sage, fruit and olive trees.

The natural aromatherapy is enchanting, and the whole family will enjoy splashing about in the shallow river.

Accessed via the small village of Fioni, a short hike will lead you to the heart of these must-see falls. 

Photo by so very on Unsplash


Within the famous region of Paphos, there is so much to do and see, including more idyllic waterfalls:

Kremiotis Waterfall

The quaint little village of Kritou Terra is home to a lush oasis that has recently been made accessible via a two-hour nature trail. At the end of the hike, you’ll find a small cave with a shower of refreshingly cool water cloaking the entrance.

Hidden on the other side is a short tunnel you’ll need to climb through to reach the blissful haven of the Kremiotis Waterfall.

The water trickles down in multiple streams onto rocks covered in a thick carpet of moss before splashing into a deep pool below. Make sure you bring waterproof bags or phone cases, swimsuits and towels, as you won’t be able to resist a swim.

Photo by Pat Pat on Unsplash

Adonis Baths

Also in this region is another village called Koili, where you will find the famous Adonis Baths. Built around a 400-year-old mill, the waterfall in this small slice of paradise has a natural jungle feel, with impressive palms and foliage spilling out from the rocks.

Tree branches hang over the lake and offer climbing and diving opportunities for those who come to swim and play in the calm waters. 

For the daring, there is even a rock ledge to dive off.

Adonis Baths also has a collection of Greek statues, one of which is rumoured to grant fertility if touched. Whilst you have to pay a small fee to enter, plenty is here to make it worth a day trip. 

With so many stunning spots to choose from, the only question remains: where will you go first?

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