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Ever since James Cook discovered Hawaii and surfing, gliding on the waves made such a long way to spread even in my small Liguria, the so-called Italian Riviera.

The first to be influenced by the south islands’ dream was the kids of the 80s, observed at a distance from curious and admired glances. In a few years, however, this overseas sport made its way, and now, as soon as the south-west winds blow, the streets of some towns along the coast are filled with more or less young guys armed with board and wetsuit running towards the shore to spend the day at sea riding the waves.

Surfers come from all over Northern Italy and very often from Switzerland. To chase the waves, surfers rely on several webcams placed on the best beaches of the Italian Riviera and, of course, the specific marine weather forecasts provided by leading national and local specialized websites.

Where to surf on the Italian Riviera

From west to east:

  • Le Calandre, east of Ventimiglia, at the top of the waterfront. The spot is quite crowded, and the waves do not seem cool, but I always have fun.
  • Tre Ponti (i.e., three bridges) in Sanremo, in front of the homonym street. The overcrowding is always remarkable, but clean water and waves are with it.
  • Bistrot, always in Sanremo, in front of the “Giannino Bistrot,” which takes its name. Here the waves break on the rock, and you have a right reef with sea storms from the south and northwest.
  • Il molo (i.e., the pier) in Andora, to the east of the harbor. Fairly busy with the non-clear sea because of the harbor, but wonderful waves
  • Il pontile in Alassio, famous for storms from the southeast with the wind Scirocco
  • Pietra Ligure, at the mouth of a stream. Here, in addition to the beach break on the sandy bottom, they also have waves breaking on rocks with storms from the southeast and west.
  • Finanza in Finale Ligure, named after the barracks of the Guardia di Finanza behind it. Be careful because this is a rock reef and is a very crowded spot.
  • Porto, in Finale Ligure too, at the entrance of the harbor of Finale Ligure
  • Acque Calde (i.e., warm waters), between Zinola and Vado Ligure, is right at the discharge mouth in front of the power station. The water course is warm but not very clean.
  • Albissola Marina, at the mouth of the stream. Here you have Rivermouth waves on the rock, with storms from the south-southwest.
  • Celle Ligure, in front of the marina, you have a right reef rock with southern-northwest storms.
  • Pool in Varazze. Here we have both sand and pebbles; you must expect great storms from the south for the right wave. It is a crowded spot and not recommended for non-experts!
  • Kursaal, in Varazze and on the rocky seabed and with debris. Warning! Most experts and the local boys enter the water directly from the pier …
  • Backdoor, also this Varazze, at the mouth of the river Teiro. It is a right of river mouth pebble bottom for experienced surfers.
  • Arenzano, near the football field. The right point of bedrock occurs with major storms from the south and northwest, but the sea is not the best.
  • Voltri, with decent water
  • Capo Marina, in front of the seaside resort of Genoa. It is a right reef rock with storms from the southwest, also very popular with those who practice bodyboard and are crowded with swimmers.
  • Multedo, always in Genoa in front of the barracks of the fire brigade. Here the reef A-Frame rock you with storms from the south and northwest.
  • Recco, at the mouth of the river near the pool. This is also a reef (both right and left) on a rock with storms from the south. Overall the water is not very clean and a relatively crowded spot.
  • Bogliasco, founder of the Ligurian surf! This spot was also the set of the video clip of the song Shimbalaiê by Maria Gadù, though shot in calm sea… 🙂
  • Entella in Chiavari, at the mouth of the river. The water is not clean, but it is a spot recommended for beginners.
  • La Secca in Moneglia, well worth mainly for the beauty of the village
  • Levanto, where you have both a beach break on the left of the bay, opposite the promenade that leads to La Pietra (i.e., the Stone) and a rocky reef for the most experienced the right of the bay, opposite the Bar Nadia. The water is clean, and there’s a wide car park on the seafront
  • Il Castello in Lerici, a rocky reef with sea storms from the southwest
  • La Venere, always in Lerici and always a rocky reef, but right. Both Lerici spots are well with it, even only for their location, perfect when accompanied by non-surfers …
  • Marinella, at the mouth of the river Magra. The spot is suitable for beginners and is not crowded. The water, however, is not the best …
surf on the Italian Riviera

Surf in Liguria, useful contacts

To get information in real-time on the weather forecast in Liguria, here are some contacts according to the listed spots:

  • Sanremo: Mare Sport, tel. +39 0184 574331
  • Varazze: Surf Shop e Wankers Surf Club, tel.  +39 019 931818
  • Arenzano: Local Surfshop, tel. +39 010 9110849
  • Genova: Surf Activity, tel. +39 010 3770365
  • Levanto: Brothers Surf Club, tel. +39 393 1835417 (they also organize weekly camp for children!)
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