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I often receive requests about how to celebrate a birthday at Disneyland Paris, about the offers planned on the day of your birthday or that of the children and other questions relating to the topic.

I therefore decided to write a short article with all you need to know about the birthday offer at Disneyland Paris, not having to repeat me every few days … I know, I’m lazy, but with this post I might also answer to those who can’t find clear answers on the web.

The birthday offer at Disneyland Paris

Most of those who contact to me expect a discount or even a free ticket to Disneyland or even a room discount in one of the Disney hotels.

Disneyland actually launched such campaigns over the years: the first time during the opening year and the second for the 25-year anniversary. These are time-based offers that have expired for years and are currently not re-scheduled. So I suppose you might still find old articles on the web and it’s these last ones that create confusion and alas vain hopes.

The birthday badge at Disneyland Paris

What is offered when you celebrate your birthday in the Park is a badge, like that of the Park staff, but instead of your name you will find drawings and happy birthday writings, with or without Disney characters.

You can pick it up at the City Hall, just before heading to the Castle, along Main Street. To get it, just show your identity document or the one of the birthday kid. If the first Park visited are the Studios, the badge can be requested at the Studio Services or, if you stay at one of the hotels, you can request it from the concierge.

It’s a small gadget, but seeing it, based on the flows of the moment, in addition to wishing you a happy birthday the cast members might offer you an extra ride or some special attention. I always tried to do so!

Il badge compleanno a Disneyland Paris
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Mickey’s birthday wishes

Also at the same information centers, in the two parks or at Disney hotels’ front desks, you can also request a phone conversation with Mickey Mouse. Within a few minutes a phone call will arrive and your child will be called personally on the phone because urgently requested by Mickey himself. I attended this more than once and children joy is quite contagious …

Compleanno a Disneyland Paris

Birthday cake

By calling +33 1 60 30 40 50 you can order a birthday cake, specifying where you want it to be served and at what time. The Disney birthday cake costs € 35 and you can enjoy it in the following listed restaurants.

Birthday cake in Disneyland Paris

  • Auberge de Cendrillon – you can also request Disney characters at your table!
  • Blue Lagoon Restaurant
  • Silver Spur Steakhouse
  • Plaza Gardens Restaurant – you can also request Disney characters at your table!
  • Agrabah Café

Birthday cake in the Walt Disney Studios

  • Bistrot chez Rémy
  • Restaurant des Stars

Birthday cake in the Disney Village

  • Café Mickey
  • Steak House
  • Restaurant La Grange

The birthday cake is also available at Disney hotels, you can request it at your favorite restaurant in the hotel where you stay or even in another of your choice, just specify it when ordering.

If you want to request Disney characters at your table, remember that the service is only available at the Inventions restaurant, inside the Disneyland Hotel.

Birthday present for Disney hotel guests

If you book specifying that your stay is specially organized to celebrate your birthday, the concierge will probably let you find a little present in the room.

Anniversaries and wedding proposals at Disneyland Paris

It may seem strange, I know, but the Disney parks are mainly visited by adults and many of them consider it a romantic destination. An escape from reality, between fantasy and magical childhood memories.

Probably for this reason there are always couples who spend one or two days of their honeymoon in Disney hotels, others who book a short stay to celebrate their anniversary and others who choose this location for the big proposal, knowing that they can indulge themselves with the most imaginative requests: from flash mobs in the Park area they prefer to private visits at night or other fantasies.

Compleanno a Disneyland Paris

If you are a mix of an incurable romantic and Peter Pan, you can create your own magic moment by filling out this form.

However, before organizing your visit to the Park, I recommend reading this article written long ago, with all the practical information you might need when entering Disneyland Paris.

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