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The summer is coming, the temperature is increasing, and I can’t stop drinking iced tea!

Actually, I’m not too fond of iced tea, or I don’t like the classic lemon or peach one. I’m quite greedy, and I prefer those discovered in Southeast Asia, especially between Thailand and Myanmar: refreshing, diuretic, spicy … delicious.

Arriva il caldo! Arriva il tè freddo!

Thai iced tea

I love it, and I could drink bucks off it!

The first time I ordered it unknowingly with a delicious soup of something my brother or I could / wanted to identify. We were passing through Lampang. A line of terracotta pots in boiling outside the restaurant Paa Pong attracted us like magnets, a shame that the only, not Thai word known by the staff was “yeah” … unforgettable dinner, due to its spiciness and the general mirth! If you are curious and eating not identified food does not scare you, I recommend it! It’s only open on weekends though, during the evening Walking Street, the cheapest and most typical country.

From that evening, Thai iced tea becomes an essential element of my meals and a delightfully refreshing drink during the day. You can find it everywhere, street food stalls included.

Arriva il caldo! Arriva il tè freddo!

The Thai iced tea is made with a special blend of tea containing some red dye, condensed milk or whole sweetened milk, and lots of ice. Drinking these glasses of orange tea, it’s too quick and easy, and one leads to another.

Lacking the local tea mixture, I use the Orange Pekoe I bought in Sri Lanka, but simple green tea is delicious too. In both cases, the dose should be quite strong, with an infusion time of three to five minutes.

Arriva il caldo! Arriva il tè freddo!

An iced chai tea latte

This drink made with tea is nothing more than a spicy version that Thai iced tea.

Widespread in Myanmar, it is now fashionable in cities like London and New York. Great when served hot during winter and tasty and refreshing in the summer iced version.

Arriva il caldo! Arriva il tè freddo!

The preparation is very similar to that of the cappuccino. The base is given by the tea – either black or green depending on your personal taste – long infused in a little water to obtain a stronger aroma. Once ready, add the frothed milk, a teaspoon of cinnamon, one of ginger, one of star anise, and crushed black pepper according to your taste.

This chai tea is served with lots of ice, but I recommend not using the shaker to prevent it from waters down.

I’m actually sipping it while writing this post 😉

Arriva il caldo! Arriva il tè freddo!

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