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Today I was supposed to write about North Thailand, which changed my concept of holidays and travels. Instead, I spent the day in bed with a horrible cold and flu, and only one hour ago, I was reminded that the last time I had such a bad time, I was in Myanmar in 2012.

I got to the Myanmar Beauty Guesthouse in Taungoo in the middle of the night after too many hours spent in a freezing bus, where I got sick. The following morning at breakfast Mrs. Thrin, while waiting for her iron to heat, had me drink a ginger infusion, and in a few hours, I was miraculously feeling better. So I’m drinking a cup of it right now!

Lo zenzero fa miracoli!

Ginger infusion’s ingredients

  • gingerroot
  • lemon
  • water
  • if you want, sugar or honey (in Myanmar, they add a sweetener extracted from palm trees)

How to prepare the ginger infusion

Put the kettle on the stove, and once the water boiling, adds a few slices of ginger and half a lemon. Simmer on low flame for a few minutes and drink.

Nothing more easy and effective. There is no modern medicine that keeps up, and unless you have allergies to one of the two ingredients, there are no known contraindications.

The healing properties and benefits of ginger

While dealing with the laundry, Thrin also explained to me that the jin, not only is the beautiful flower surrounding their property, but its root is a ubiquitous ingredient in Burmese recipes, also for its many beneficial properties :

Lo zenzero fa miracoli!

  • improves digestion
  • helps to create the intestinal flora
  • helps the secretions of bile
  • fights stomach bloating
  • fights colds and flu symptoms (and I can confirm this point!)
  • fights neuralgic pains
  • fights nausea
  • improves blood circulation

Well, ginger does miracles!

Lo zenzero fa miracoli!

Even if the only recognized property is to make you fat, how good is Christmas gingerbread …

Oh, I would also add that it warms you up! Before drinking, I had chills that are definitely gone.

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