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by Yasushi Inoue

Last year scrolling Twitter, I came across The Hunting Gun reading tip by Alessandra, Una Lettrice, and I immediately bought the book on Amazon, whose “buy in a click” will definitely ruin me…

By doing so, even dozens of times a day, my Kindle is always full of books waiting to be read, but this is actually something reassuring to me.

The fact remains that I opened The Hunting Gun only in February, during my trip to Sri Lanka. Returning to my bungalow in the jungle in Sigiriya, I poured myself a cup of green tea and took place on a lounger enjoying Yasushi Inoue‘s company.

The Hunting Gun, di Yasushi Inoue

I knew nothing about this book but that Alessandra liked it and so letting it surprise and carry me away for a few hours was a real thrill. Four letters that give life to a real literary masterpiece. A journey through feelings, passions, and pure Japanese essence. A journey into other people’s lives, belonging to a faraway culture that fascinates me since ever even if  I definitely do not fully understand it and maybe the beauty of this book is also in this distance…

I will not reveal the plot because to be surprised and fascinated by the pages of this book, wandering between Kobe and Osaka, is pure poetry.

About Yasushi Inoue, the author

Yasushi Inoue was a Japanese writer and journalist who died in 1991. He wrote mostly historical novels set in Japan, and his Honkakubō ibun inspired the highly recommended movie Death of a Tea Master.

Yasushi Inoue

P.S. I was almost forgetting… if you are on Twitter, follow Alessandra.

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