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by Roberta Melchiorre and her Fabio Bertino

World zapping

I got to know Roberta and Fabio some months ago on Twitter. Their minds are so closed to each other to allow them to express themselves in one voice on a shared account, @BobbieFabio, where you can read this bio: Satanised travelers, we couldn’t find a place not worth to be visited nor to be told to the rest of the world. Authors of the ebook World zapping.

Two lives in between Piedmont, Liguria, and other worlds and encounters, lots of encounters. How not be immediately in tune with them?

You can find and feel all this in World zapping, an extraordinary collection of tales that open the window on lives, landscapes, fleeting moments, and different realities. A collection that makes you want to meet new people in the countries they described without actually describing them, but also in others.

World zapping

The book starts in Turkmenistan with an almost confiscated camera. It closes in Catania in an extraordinary workshop, but the random intermediate stages make you smile, dream, laugh … in short, they make you live and travel with your imagination.

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From Australia to the wonderful world of Jane Goodall in Tanzania, from my beloved Laos to a very peculiar inauguration in Mozambique, from a moving stage in Armenia to Burkina Faso the Shanghai Opera and a beautiful anniversary along the Trans-Siberian Railway.

There’s actually one chapter that left me with a terrible doubt, the one telling about Cameroon … I can’t help but wonder, did the Queen phone after all ?!

An ebook you should read (if you speak Italian), and to do so, you need to click on this link: World zapping. Racconti di viaggio.


Have a nice trip!

* All the pics in this post were stolen from Fabio’s Facebook profile 😉

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