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Do you know a nice surprise? Well, the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia was really a great surprise and what a view! An exciting archeological site in Tuscany!

I discovered it in one of its worst moments, a few weeks after the flood that on October 28th seriously affected it, but I’m sure it was also a period of great strength and surely humanity. Thanks to the initiative #SuLeManichePerBaratti (i.e., sleeves up for Baratti), the park has experienced two days of great solidarity, friendship, and laughter.

In extraordinary situations, we truly are a fantastic country with fantastic people! It wouldn’t be bad to shift a bit of this force to the ordinary times too…

During the short visit, my exclamations of surprise were many: first of all due to the overwhelming panorama overlooking the Bay making this Archaeological Park a real pearl on the sea, then the astonishment due to the wonderful people kneeling in the mud to release the necropolis from the debris and bring it back to its luster and finally amazement due to the historical and geographical breadth of the finds. Wonderful.

The Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia

The Park covers a vast area between Piombino and the Gulf of Baratti, already home to the Etruscan and Roman city of Populonia, the traditional home of iron.

Possible routes within the Park are many and for everyone: you can follow your passion for archeology, that for hiking, the one for the discovery … this park really is for everyone!

Once there, you can visit the important necropolis of Populonia, the calcarenite quarries, and industrial areas aimed at creating iron ingots and then further up the city.

Between the ninth and eighth centuries, BC here settled the Etruscan aristocracy, followed in the second century by the Roman passing from huts to temples, baths, and shrines.

The paths that connect the necropolis to the metallurgical area and the acropolis wind in the middle of the Mediterranean maquis and deserve independence from the rest!

One of them then leads to the ruins of the Benedictine monastery of San Quirico, and I definitely want to go back to walk along with it because this would be a walk through our history till the Middle Ages …

Paths also lead up to the ancient fortified town of Populonia, where they told me that the time has stopped. Exactly what I love.

I experience another love-at-first-sight-moment seeing the experimental archeology center “David Mancini,” located in the lower part of the Park, on a hill between the forest and sea and whose Bronze Age hut is a true gem!

Getting there in the middle of the flood crisis, the center was obviously closed. Usually, guides lead visitors to experience the ancient techniques, and for children and groups, they even organize real specific laboratories.

Another reason to go back … (by the way, if you want to go let me know and we’ll organize a group huh!)

Useful infos about this archeological site in Tuscany

Tickets cost € 7 (€ 5 for children and € 16 for families) and open the doors to the archaeological museum of the area of Piombino. For details, however, I suggest you consult the Information Office and the Val di Cornia Parks official website.

The rate also includes a guided tour, but you can, of course, visit freely and at your own pace. Just consider that the complete tour of the park takes the whole day!

As mentioned before, the Park of Baratti and Populonia is located in the Bay of Baratti. You can access it from the main road SP23, which connects San Vincenzo to Piombino. I got there from Grosseto after an amazing week in Maremma, and I did it by following the Google Map app on my smartphone … I, therefore, suggest you do the same as I wouldn’t be able to guide you there 😛 So, here’s the route to follow.

Beyond archeology

No, since we do not live on history and the Park is located in the heart of beautiful Val di Cornia, and San Vincenzo is nearby, I would advise you to extend your stay… Between sea, outdoor sports, gastronomy, and spa, I would say that the options for a pleasant, relaxing escape abound.

Visiting a great archeological site in Tuscany: Baratti and Populonia

For tips and info about the area, you can tweet to the San Vincenzo 4U online concierge. They are smart and social and very cool.

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