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Oman is one of the most exciting places to visit in the Arabian peninsula and has a lot to offer, especially yummy food!

Oman attracts millions of tourists each year, including 3.5 million loud tourists in 2019. Muscat’s charming capital city has been voted as one of the best cities to visit in the world, both by tourists and popular travel guides. 

Those who are more into sunbathing, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and going on fishing excursions should know that Oman’s coast has many excellent beaches and luxury hotel resorts. 

In turn, lovers of good food also have a wide choice as Oman has a delicious traditional cuisine. If you want to try some Omani gourmet delights, the following are must-try foods while on your trip! Get the taste of traditional Oman cuisine!

Top Omani Foods To Try 


Palm trees are abundant in Oman, and dates are some great items that come from them. Dates come in different colors, sizes, and softness. They are an essential part of the Omani culture, often given to visitors as the first thing to try when arriving in the country. Omani people also often mix dates with sesame pastes or add them in sweets and desserts.  


Majboos is a traditional Omani dish consisting of rice mixed with spices, vegetables, chicken, or other meat. Sometimes it is served together with tomato sauce, yogurt, green salad, and traditional Omani bread. Omani bread comes in a circular shape, one type is thicker, and another type is thinner and crisper. Both types are a great addition to this lovely dish. 


Meshkak, or kebab, is a marinated meat such as chicken or beef, grilled on wooden sticks. The marinade is a mix of local spices, and the meat is also served with Omani bread.


Shuwa is a trendy Omani dish, often cooked for big holidays and other celebratory occasions. Shuwa is meat marinated with several spices, wrapped in palm leaves, and placed in an underground oven to cook for at least one full day. Longer preparation time results in a tasty dish that will tingle your taste buds. Every visitor to Oman should try this exquisite dish.


Besides many great meat and vegetable dishes, Oman also has some tasty fish dishes. Mashuai is a traditional fish dish consisting of a grilled kingfish cooked together with spices and lemon sauce. 


Halwa is a sweet dessert with a solid and thick texture. It has a brown color, but it does not contain chocolate. It is prepared with honey, eggs, sugar, rose water, nuts, and a mix of spices. 

Best Foods to Try in Oman
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A land of attractions and good food, Oman is certainly a top destination to visit. Explore its culinary delights and try as many things as possible. 

That will undoubtedly make your trip pleasurable and memorable. Don’t forget to obtain your e-Visa before your trip!

Oman visa

When planning your trip to Oman, you should know that you will need a visa to enter the country. You no longer have to do it in a traditional way which means going to an embassy or other diplomatic post.

Now, you can obtain your visa online, sitting comfortably in your chair and applying with the use of your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other electronic device.  You can find the visa application form on the website Don’t waste your time and apply today!

Once you have a tour of Oman e-Visa and are planning your trip, it’s best to know that cultural tourism is what Oman is well known for. There are many great museums, old forts, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and festivals for visitors to enjoy. 

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