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My bucket list: 100 things to do before dying

Have you ever considered filling a proper bucket list, with dreams, projects and some chimera?

I filled my own bucket list while traveling through Sri Lanka. I pinned a list of 100 things to do before dying, some of which are already achieved and many many dreams and goals I’m working to realize.

While I admired this panorama in Ella, thousands of miles from my everyday life, I gone far beyond the hundred points and today I’ve refined my list leaving only those wishes I realize are most important or simply have me smile.

100 cose da fare prima di morire

My 100 things to do before I die bucket list

  1. Work in an opera house (a dream dating back some 35 years ago!) √
  2. Learn to play the piano √
  3. Travel from Genoa to Buenos Aires by boat, to try feeling the same emotions my mum had every year moving back to Italy for summer holidays
  4. Move to Paris √
  5. Stroll in the Forbidden City
  6. Visit Notre Dame at night √
  7. Chat with Riccardo Muti √
  8. Sleep in a luxury hotel
  9. Sleep in a tree house
  10. Sleep in an igloo
  11. See the “midnight sun”
  12. Cross Mongolia on horseback
  13. Experience the transhumance in Montana along with cowboys √
  14. Move to New York
  15. Sleep in Mont Saint-Michel √
  16. Leave on a romantic sailing gateway 
  17. Travel from Moscow to Vladivostok with the Transiberian Railway
  18. Attend a performance from the backstage √
  19. Meditate together with Buddhist monks √
  20. Have a traditional bamboo tattoo done √
  21. Walk the Camino de Santiago
  22. Travel on the Orient Express
  23. Sail on the Nile
  24. Visit the Valley of the Kings in Egypt
  25. Getting to Petra on a purebred Arabian horse
  26. Sleep in the desert √
  27. Visit China, region by region
  28. Sail on the Mekong √
  29. Learn to surf
  30. Travel along Route 66 on a convertible Cadillac
  31. Getting married in Las Vegas
  32. Slaloming down the Gran Risa √
  33. Eat sautée bugs in Asia √
  34. Sail across the oceans √
  35. Hike in Nepal
  36. Take the Tren de las Nubes √
  37. Swim with dolphins
  38. Get on a submarine √
  39. A launch with a parachute
  40. Cross Lapland on horseback √
  41. Attend the opening night at La Scala √
  42. Sleep in the Louvre
  43. Write for the National Geographic
  44. Write an opera libretto
  45. Work with great conductors √
  46. Become sommelier
  47. Visit Antarctica
  48. Sleep in a cabin by the lake in Alaska
  49. Visit Canada in winter
  50. Go on a safari in Africa
  51. Play a game of polo √
  52. Go up the Amazon River
  53. Work with Argentinian gauchos
  54. Dance tango properly!
  55. Visit Jane Austen’s England √
  56. Spend the summer in Cornwall
  57. Visit the Black Forest
  58. Climb to Macchu Picchu √
  59. Ride to the pyramids
  60. Visit Afghanistan
  61. Discover Angkor Wat at sunrise √
  62. Take part in an archaeological dig √
  63. Go around the world in 80 days following Phileas Foggs’ footsteps
  64. Catch sunrise in the jungle
  65. Staying in Japan during the blooming of sakura
  66. Visit a movie set √
  67. Write a novel
  68. Take a trip in a hot air balloon
  69. Sail on Danube River √
  70. Read Tolstoy in its original language
  71. Build my own home  √
  72. Sit on the couches of the Oval Office at the White House
  73. Adopt a baby
  74. Sleep in a lighthouse
  75. Find the courage to to go to India
  76. Learn how to prepare a yummy dulce de leche √
  77. Attend a course of traditional massage in northern Thailand √
  78. Attend the Boca Junior-River Plate derby with a winning River…
  79. Return to the Aeolian Islands, but on a sailing boat
  80. Visit the waterfalls of Iguazu √
  81. Visit Italy, region by region
  82. Learn to work terracotta
  83. Sleep in a castle in Scotland
  84. Attend opera rehearsals not being in charge of them
  85. Relive the two weeks of the Fallas in Valencia without having to put the alarm clock in the morning to go to work
  86. Chat with Fabrice Luchini
  87. Take a trip arranged by someone else than me
  88. Navigate through icebergs
  89. Wear a kimono respecting all the rules of makeup, hairstyle, behavior…
  90. Spend a few days in the tiny Indonesian island where my dad lived
  91. Sleep at La Mamounia in Marrakech
  92. Hold a koala
  93. Rebuild my family tree
  94. Learn Chinese
  95. Visit Google headquarters
  96. Visit St. Petersburg during the White Nights √
  97. Travel on a cargo ship
  98. Admire Genoa from the sea √
  99. Learn the art of falconry
  100. Go back to visit all the places I’ve been to on working trips and take my to to get to know them!

100 cose da fare prima di morire

And you? What’s on your bucket list?

Have you ever tried to make a list like this? Let me know, but above all, do not live your dreams as thoughts to keep in a drawer!

100 cose da fare prima di morire

I always dreamed big, but I also have always done everything to realize my dreams and that’s how I crowned some very important ones and then I reveal you a secret, dreams seem chimeras only until we keep them suspended between one thought and another… when we begin to analyze the path to follow in order to achieve them they become goals and projects and with the right determination they come true and sometimes we even realize that we had the wrong dream 😉

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