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When travelling, it’s important to find those picture-perfect locations. They’re unique to each country, and Italy has some of the best.

With 69% of road trippers claiming that scenic views are their priority when travelling, where are the most beautiful cities for a weekend away in Italy?


It wouldn’t be right to start anywhere other than Venice. The City of Love features beautiful architecture, and is often covered in a tranquil mist through the autumn and winter months.

Venice is special because it’s a city built on canals. Rather than travelling by car or bus, you’ll make your way around by gondolas!

Escape the pollution and the sound of motor engines, in a city where the noise comes from the gentle splashing of water.

Be sure to take in the view from the Ponte di Rialto – an iconic Venetian bridge with a 24-foot arch, spanning the Grand Canal.


You can’t deny the beauty of the city of Verona, in which playwright William Shakespeare set the famous Romeo and Juliet.

Verona sits on the Adige River, and plays host to incredible Roman ruins including the Verona Arena.

Whilst walking around this beautiful Italian city you’ll see fountains, churches, a medieval castle and exquisite town square piazzas.

You can get a fantastic view of Verona from the Lamberti Tower, which stands 84 metres high.


There’s something uniquely beautiful about Naples, with its narrow city streets sandwiched between brightly-coloured buildings.

The centre of Naples is both historic and crowded. It’s busy, and you can easily get lost. But this chaotic city centre provides an amazing experience. It’s hard not to be metaphorically swept up in the rush.

Underground ruins lie below your feet as you walk the cobbled streets of Naples. And it’s even possible to go below the surface and see them. There’s even a beautifully maintained Roman market, still with many original features.


A city that has inspired artists for generations, Florence is the home of Michelangelo’s David. It’s also home to Leonardo da Vinci masterpieces.

In Tuscany’s capital city you can visit the Duomo, a cathedral that dominates the skyline. 

Visit the Ponte Vecchio, which is a picture-perfect bridge and the site of many a wedding proposal. Or, stroll around the spectacular Bardini Gardens, with 10 acres of gardens, woodland and fruit orchards in which to lose yourself.


Home to the famous Leaning Tower, Pisa offers more beauty than most visitors might imagine. Whilst this leading landmark is the reason that most people visit, the bustling Piazza del Duomo will soon capture anyone’s interest.

Visit the gardens at the University of Pisa, which is one of Europe’s oldest and most respected universities.

You will also want to go into the Baptistry, for some of the best views of Pisa’s beautiful architecture.

At night, Pisa lights up with reflections on the river for a wonderful evening stroll.

Wherever you go for a weekend in Italy, you’ll be impressed by this country’s beauty. From well-preserved historic architecture to beautiful riverside pathways, there are many things that make Italy’s cities some of the world’s most visually impressive.

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