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The best food experiences in Levanto and its surroundings? Well, to tell you what and where to eat in Levanto, I offer my blog to an expert on the feast and yummy food: my friend Giorgio Soffiato, actually better known as an expert in digital marketing and “creator” of Marketing Arena.

So, here is Giorgio’s advice.

The best food experiences in Levanto and in the surrounding area

My favorite 5 food experiences in Levanto

It was actually a while I hadn’t blog about something different from digital marketing. I could tell you how Silvia and her Oasi Hotel are absolutely outstanding. Still, I prefer to tell you 5 little food and wine secrets that I discovered while visiting Liguria, with Levanto as the ideal starting point to taste all these experiences. I can’t really find a reason to sleep elsewhere.

The mesciüa, from La Spezia’s dialect “mesc-ciüa” or “mix,” by Piccabun: a small, recently opened restaurant and a “poor” recipe that has all the dignity it needs to be rediscovered and enjoyed. Chickpeas, spelled and beans for a nutritious and tasty pre-sea lunch, as it once was. Yes, there is some oil, but it never killed anyone.

A quick drive or boat trip to Portofino: I’ll talk about pesto twice, the first time to honor the Mandilli De Sea of the Trattoria Tripoli in Portofino. Simply out of scale.

Domé’s focaccia: good. For a frugal lunch or a perfect yummy aperitif, nothing better than a tomato and pesto focaccia and a Menabrea beer. Then you can always burn some calories with the 10 minutes bike ride on the waterfront, to reach Bagni San Giorgio in Bonassola, the place to be.

Did someone say Sestri Ponente? Nobody would spend one-hour driving to Sestri Ponente unless your destination is the local fresh pasta factory in piazza Tazzoli. Simply the best takeaway pesto that a human can taste.

For dinner in Levanto, I recommend Tumelin. If it’s true that to book at the most deserving Oasi restaurant you must have some saints looking after you in paradise (so the review is postponed), to me, dinner in Levanto means Tumelìn. You’ll eat like a God, whether you order the complete seafood appetizer in the world or – as in my case – the trofie with pesto strictly with potatoes, as per the traditional recipe. I recommend a local Terreferme white wine to complete the meal.

These were intense days, but I can always try a food blogger career.

Giorgio Soffiato

P.S. To check Silvia’s picks: where to eat out in Levanto

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