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Safaris have long been a staple travel idea for many tourists around the world, but when it comes to choosing the right place to go, it’s hard to make a decision.

To make it easier, here are four of the very best safari destinations to choose from.

Planning a safari

Safari in Tanzania

You’ve most likely heard of the Serengeti, the national park based in Africa which is famed for its annual Great Migration – 1.5 million wildebeest and zebra cross the plains to Maasai Mara.

You’ll find it in Tanzania, alongside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the Ruaha National Park, both of which as sprawling and exciting as you could hope for.

Tanzania is an all-rounder in terms of safari destinations. You’ve got the aforementioned sites for your ultimate safari experiences, whether you want to rough it out in a tent or escape to a luxurious lodge in the midst of it all.

But, when you’re done on safari, you can head to Zanzibar and kick back on one of the archipelago’s beautiful beaches.

Safari in Botswana

In Botswana is where you’ll discover the Okavango Delta, a setting complete with gorgeous lagoons and waterways where animals live calmly in the surrounding areas.

What animals can you expect to see in Botswana? Everything from elephants to buffalo, and from black-maned lions to cheetahs. 

Botswana unfairly goes unnoticed by many travellers despite having plenty of natural beauty and safari opportunities throughout the country.

It’s here that you’ll be able to choose from guided walking tours, driving through the plains or opting for a mokoro safari – that is, canoeing down the waterways and spotting the animals up close.

Safari in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has been plagued by political conflict and isolation over the years, but it’s slowly regaining its status as the place to go for a safari.

Mugabe’s decline means the country is a much safer and more desirable place to visit, with plenty of thriving safari lodges appearing and waiting for you to come and explore.

Areas such as the Hwange National Park and Victoria Falls are massively popular with visitors, and for good reason – the former is home to tens of animals from giraffes to elephants, from lions to cheetahs and many more.

It’s one of the liveliest places to go for a safari, too. With so many animals here, each excursion is unpredictable and exciting. For something a bit more off the grid, Zimbabwe is a great choice.

Safari in India

Perhaps surprisingly, India is one of the world’s best locations for a safari. There are plenty of places for adventure, but Ranthambore National Park may be the most highly-favoured in the country.

Considered a prominent heritage site due to the ancient ruins that can be found on the grounds of the park, Ranthambore is home to majestic Bengal tigers – it’s said to be the only place in India where you can watch them hunt freely in the wild. 

The accommodation choices here at Ranthambore are diverse yet equally incredible, too.

From lowkey lodges right in the heart of the park, to sprawling manors and hotels for a slice of luxury, it’s up to you to determine which type of safari you’re truly looking for.

A safari in Kenya

I already wrote about my safari in Kenya, an experience that moved me, maybe a bit too much… from that moment on I started longing for Africa and questioned my whole lifestyle.

Anyway, I deeply recommend a safari in the Tsavo Est!

Safari in Sri Lanka

I loved my safari experience in Sri Lanka, in the Yala National Park.

I loved it for the experience itself, the wildlife, the stunning landscape, the deep green of the forest and also cause I slept in a treehouse with an incredible view on the Park!

My tips to plan a safari

Planning a safari means planning an expensive experience, even when you really stick to your budget. I treated myself with one in several occasion, cause is something that keeps having me daydream, but even doing my best to save money, I spent too much…

So, unless budget is not a problem for you, start selecting a cheaper destination and then plan ahead. Compare quotations and ask for all the program details.

To fully enjoy, I recommend you sleep in the park, to enjoy the night and the early morning wildlife. You can book an exclusive posh glamping or a cheap tent, it doesn’t matter as the luxury experience will be all around you.

Pack light and pack comfortable shoes and clothes. Don’t forget hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, but also a good mosquitos’ repellant! No matter where you plan your safari, it will be quite dusty, so avoid expensive valuable clothing and accessories. I know, lately we see more and more pictures on social media with women wearing gorgeous maxi dresses, matching shoes, oversized hats and various jewels, but these are posed shots, with everything you need close at hand to change, etc. Reality is something else …

You’ll probably take hundreds of pics, so don’t forget your camera with its lenses and filters and a cleaning kit. This is the travel photography kit I actually carry with me.

I would also recommend you check with the travel health department of your town if any vaccination is required. My vaccine carnet is always up-to-date with the standard recommend ones, but I always check if I need a specific one for a specific trip. We only have one life…

Enjoy your safari!

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