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You know a nice evening? Goran Bregović in Porto Venere was one!

Last night I experienced a really beautiful evening in Porto Venere, but it could not be otherwise.

Ale and I left from Levanto late in the afternoon, opting for the breathtaking views offered kilometer after kilometer from the coastal road overlooking the Cinque Terre, rather than the speed of the highway, and I have not regretted it even when my stomach began to rebel because of the too many curves .

Despite I already know these glimpses, I am always enchanted. The deep green of the Mediterranean maquis, the succession of rocky headlands, the variety of tones of sea and sky merging on the horizon … poetry in motion.

Litoranea Cinque Terre

The arrival in Porto Venere was no less impressive and parking across the beach of the Olive Tree little outside the town allowed us to enjoy the magic of the Gulf of Poets.

Porto Venere

And a village with this name can only spread poetry and magic … the name is due to the presence of a temple dedicated to the goddess Venus of Erice, a structure standing on the site where now stands the church of San Pietro.

Goran Bregovic a Porto Venere

This corner has inspired famous poets and writers and has been the cradle of the stormy love between Alfred de Musset and George Sand and is deliciously described in these verses by Montale:

Là fuoresce il tritone
dai flutti che lambiscono
le soglie d’un cristiano
tempio, ed ogni ora prossima
è antica. Ogni dubbiezza
si conduce per mano
come una fanciulletta amica.

Là non è chi si guardi
o stia di sé in ascolto.
Quivi sei alle origini
e decidere è stolto:
ripartirai più tardi
per assumere un volto.

The concert of Goran Bregović in Porto Venere

Last night, this setting did not inspired any new composition of the genius of the Balkan music Goran Bregovic (or maybe yes … ???), but it certainly provided a splendid setting to its concert with the Wedding & Funeral Band, a Balkan feast impregnated by salty Ligurian air. An explosive mix … and very successful one too!

Goran Bregovich a Porto Venere

© Michela Barenco

Goran Bregovich a Porto Venere

© Michela Barenco

For years I hadn’t the opportunity to get overwhelmed by his energy and my expectations were not disappointed at all! Sound, rhythm, poetry, madness, silence … all the ingredients for a truly great and exciting performance that ended with this beautiful bis

I can only thank my friend Umberto Bonanni for organizing this super concert!

Here are the names of the great interpreters who performed next to Goran Bregovic

The gypsy band of wind instruments: Bokan Stankovic, Dalibor Lukic, Stojan Dimov, Aleksandar Rajkovic and Milos Mihajlovic

The persuasive Bulgarian Voices: Muharem Redžepi, Ludmila Radkova Trajkova and Daniela Aleksandrova Radkova

Goran Bregovich a Porto Venere

© Michela Barenco

You may wonder why I’m telling you about this past and therefore not repeatable event … simple, Porto Venere and the road that leads there have not vanished at the stroke of midnight, so,  do not to miss a visit to this area and also the tour of Goran Bregovic is not concluded and maybe you can still arrange for one of his upcoming concerts.

Oh, almost forgot …

“Those who do not get crazy are not normal!”


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