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Argentina, here I come! After long years far away, I’m flying back to this huge amazing country so important for my family.

Only another few hours to landing in Buenos Aires, and I can’t wait so, while uncomfortably sitting in my American Airlines narrow seat, I’m browsing Argentina’s map over gain to study my route, knowing that the itinerary will probably change during the trip accordingly to encounters and mood…

I think I will be spending the first week in Buenos Aires to see all the places I used to visit during my childhood Christmas holidays, slowly stroll around streets and districts I love, and discover new hidden corners I might like.

Argentina, I’m coming back!

Among the things that I absolutely have to do in town: going back to the Teatro Colón, buy a new set to drink mate, light Carlos Gardel a cigarette at Cacharita, buy a pullover in Calle Florida, eat papas, eat alfajores with dulce de leche several times a day, but tango’s shoes and dance it with local dancers.

This last detail is so important that I decided to stay at the Tango de Mayo Hotel, where even rooms carpets are there to remind you of tango’s paces and where every tiny detail tells about Buenos Aires.

From the capital city, I’ll be moving north to discover the region of Salta. I’ve been dreaming of it for so long that I’m going to spend as long as possible there to visit its most unusual sites, to appreciate its history, culture, and traditions.

Argentina, I’m coming back!

The region of Salta is prosperous, and the sites are very different from the one another: you get huge salty planes, lakes, volcanoes, mountains, and green valleys. All this variety deserves several stages, and therefore I think I will first stop by in Tucuman to keep traveling north to Cafayate and then to Salta. I will surely stop elsewhere along the way, but I will discover my stages once after the other…

I’m sure I will stay in Tucuman, Tafí de Valle, and Salta only because while looking for inspiration and info on the web, I found some typical estancias I fell in love with, and I absolutely want to sleep there!

Its the estancia Las Carreras in Tafi del Valle/Tucuman, the Patios de Cafayate in Cafayate and Kkala in Salta.

I don’t know yet where I will be staying, but I’m certainly going to spend a few days in one of the “Turismo Campesino” rural communities. Next week I will be checking this in detail and get in touch with the coop administration to ask for availabilities. I can’t wait to experience a bit of pure and authentic Argentinian country life and to be honest, and I hope I’ll get to stay at some wine maker’s house.

Argentina, I’m coming back!

I also want to stop by in Colome, to visit vineyards and wineries and to taste local home produced wine!

I also need to arrange a stay at a gaucho’s estancia in the surrounds of Salta. I dream of spending a few days horse riding with local gauchos, listening to their stories, and sharing their own life. I selected a few estancias, and once in Salta, I’ll be checking on them and pick the perfect one to realize my dream.

I will only move by bus as Argentinian bus companies are excellent and cover the whole country. When possible I’ll be traveling at night, not to lose time during the day and also to save some of my accommodation budgets 😉

All the companies offer airplanes style services such as hostesses, snacks, drinks, movies, and music, and they all have toilets on board. Seats are really comfortable, and you can pick among semi-cama (a regular bus seat), cama (bed style seat, like 1st class ones on intercontinental flights), and suite (like a small suite with bed, DVD/mp3 player, extra drinks and precious privacy thanks to a curtain). For my Buenos Aires-Tucuman trip, I picked Vosa: 15 hours in a suite for more or less 100$.

Argentina, I’m coming back!

I don’t know if I will be writing during my trip through northern Argentina or, to be more accurate: I will be writing all the time, but I’m not sure I will be posting on my blog.

You can follow my trip stage after stage on Instagram, where I’m sure I will be posting pics and mini-stories several times a day.

I will be tweeting too as I can’t resist without Twitter… you can follow me or check the hashtag #SilviasTrips.

Hasta luego!

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