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More or less one year ago I discovered GPSmyCity, a travel app I now love and heartily recommend. I plan my solo independent trips reading guidebooks, but also browsing blog posts and travel articles and I often get inspired and decide to follow specific tips and itineraries.

Till last year I had to bookmark things ahead and then find a wifi connection to re-check details and locations and then look for directions and that wasn’t always easy nor quick.

Now I simply use this great travel app! With their GPS-guided travel articles, all GPS coordinates are already embedded within the map of the itinerary the blogger/journalist describes and downloading GPSmyCity you get thousands of self-guided walking tours, articles and offline city maps in more than 1.000 tourist destination worldwide.

How do GPS-guided travel articles work?

So easy! Once you have the app on your smartphone, you can select the articles or city guides you need and read them offline for free.

In case you prefer to fully take advantage of GPSmyCity, you can also literally let the app guide you from one sightseeing spot or restaurant to the other for a very small fee upgrade ($1.99). I told you, so easy.

GPSmyCity travel app

 GPSmyCity main features

  • Self-guided walking tours for you to discover destinations at your own pace
  • Options to select attractions and create your own walking tour
  • Thousands of travel articles to inspire and guide you through detailed walking tour maps
  • Detailed offline city maps
  • The “FindMe” feature displaying your exact location
  • The Auto Tracking feature displaying your movement on the map, avoiding meaningless wanderings
  • Get Route function to create a walking route from your location to a selected attraction

To access all the walking tours and articles in this app, you can also select the annual subscription: paying $12.99 you’ll get the full version functions in all the 480 city walks guides, but no travel articles, while paying $18.99 you will get the full optional.

No matter what you decide to do or pay, a 3-day free trial is always provided with your iTunes won’t be charged anything as long as you cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the trial. For more details, you can check their terms of use.

Free upgrades of my own travel articles

As a present for you, from November 19th, 2018 and for one week, I am offering free upgrades of some travel articles I wrote and GPSmyCity included in their directory.

To access the offer you can simply click on the article you prefer in the list below and you’ll get a prompt to download the app. Once done you’ll be redirected to my post and from there upgrade for free to get the GPS-guided version.

Well, I really believe this is a great new option for independent travellers preferring to visit cities at their own pace and without paying for guided or group tours. Try it and then let me know and, as always, I’m at your disposal in case you need more info.

Enjoy your trip 😉

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