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I’m lucky. I stayed in hotels like the George V in Paris, the Imperial Vienna, the Savoy in London, and other palaces of the same kind. Still, I do not doubt decreeing my favorite one ever: without any hesitation, it is the Su Gologone in Oliena, in amazing Barbagia!

Su Gologone a Oliena

I only spent one night there last November, during the Autumn event in Barbagia, and it was love at first sight. I arrived late in the afternoon, and it was already dark, and crossing the warm lobby, the cleverly lit gardens. Courtyards to reach the beautiful upper wooden terrace for the welcome drink was like entering a world out of time, but certainly in the heart of Sardinia.

Su Gologone a Oliena

At Su Gologone everything is studied in details: colors combine wonderfully and there’s no tone out of place, the accessories are anything but random, the materials are traditional, the works of art chosen with care, Sardinian fragrances follow from terrace to terrace and then the flavors … dinner was indeed memorable: local cheeses and meats, homemade bread, succulent culurgiones (ravioli stuffed with ricotta that I never found elsewhere) obviously porceddu (traditional suckling pig on the spit), and finally yummy seadas with honey (sort of small sweet cheese crepes). A very bad dinner for someone on a diet, of course, but so damned good!

Su Gologone a Oliena

But let’s get to what you would expect from a hotel: the room. I wrote it, but in reality, the term room is just an understatement … I slept in Ciusa Suite, named after the Sardinian sculptor, and it was an extraordinary experience.

Here too, every detail is carefully designed and selected: the materials, the artworks, the fireplace, the soft and warm lighting, both the bedroom and living room furnishings, the shades of the beautiful fabrics produced on-site in the shops of Su Gologone, the tub on the private wooden terrace – which has no whirlpool and is therefore perfect for this meditative atmosphere – and the scents. The scents here envelop everything and are like a balm.

In this simple place, you get everything, and luxury is extreme, even invisible. Absolute perfection and pure pleasure.

Su Gologone a Oliena
Su Gologone a Oliena

I did not see other rooms and suites, but I was told that they are all different. I didn’t even take time to enjoy the spring water pool nor the hot tubs among the olive groves in the frenzy of wanting to visit as much as possible in the surroundings. Still, I must admit that in the end, choosing between a morning of leisure and Supramunte was not so easy…

Su Gologone a Oliena

I really hope I’ll be able to go back soon to these mountains and ancient forests, to enjoy the beauty of the simple yet elegant Su Gologone, to relax in this land that had me fall in love in a few seconds and then I also want to visit the birthplace of Grazia Deledda in Galtellì … always leave some sightseeing for future stays 😉

If you wish more information, this is their website:

Personal Note

Thanks to my previous job and often for pleasure, I spent almost more time in hotels than at home in the last seventeen years. Here are those I consider special places not to be missed. Those I truly hope to come back to again and again…

These posts have nothing to do with sponsorships.

These are just places where I stayed and that I loved and felt like have to be recommended to everybody.

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